Tuesday, October 12, 2004

First Moonbat for First Lady ?

The billionaire heiress Teresa Heinz Kerry has been running her mouth with wild anti-Bush speeches lately. The media haven't posed any questions to the Kerry campaign about her, and it would be interesting to see if John would say that his wife's comments do not neccessarily reflect his own, or if he would stand by her extremist views.

Here's the latest from the next potential First Lady:

“John will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil,” Teresa Heinz Kerry told about 1,200 supporters at the McAllen Civic Center.

She said her husband, as president, would be able to approach the families of slain soldiers and say, “’I did everything I could to prevent this, I’m sorry.’ ”

“Diplomacy is not about, ‘I’m telling you.’ Diplomacy is about, ‘what do you think?’” Heinz Kerry said. “If you cannot have respect for the other side, you cannot have diplomacy.”

So Madam Kerry, just what would cause John to send US soldiers overseas ? Perhaps approval from those benevelont rulers of China, Russia and France ?

And diplomacy is as simple as asking "what do you think".... Ahh.. what do you think Crown Prince Abdullah - Shall we blame 9-11 on the Jews ? Hmm, what do the middle eastern thugs and dictators think about bringing democracy to Iraq ?

Everything she said is nonsense. America spent several months in the diplomacy stage. Rounds of discussions were held. And the end result was that UN approval was lacking. So clearly Teresa is disappointed that France, China and Russia (who were all pals with Saddam and benefiting from his corrupt oil-for-food program) didn't support the war.

But the allies in Spain, Italy, UK, Australia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Japan.. they count for nothing.


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