Thursday, September 23, 2004

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I am a 26 year old guy living in Melbourne, Australia. After studying a combined degree of Electronic Engineering/Commerce at Melbourne Uni, I wound up working as a software engineer developing mobile phones.

My views on different issues are best summed up as:

* I support free trade and capitalism. Despite its failures, its the best system available.

* I am no fan of the welfare "nanny" state. The idea of governments banning anything and everything that can cause harm is a huge loss of liberty and freedom.

* I am no fan of political correctness taken to extremities. The concept of defining what is and isn't politically correct to publish in our media and universities is a suppression of freedom of speech. Who would care to dispute Voltaire, who said it best with "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

* I am a small-l libertarian on most social issues and think government should stay the hell out of our private lives, bedrooms and relationships.

* I disagree with a government's right to run any industry, and own telephone, utility and other companies. One exception to this is for health and education where a think government should ensure a minimum standard exists for everybody. Beyond this minimum standard, it must be appreciated that health and education are just like other goods and services and thus different people will choose/prefer to consume different quantities and standards of the two products. Let free markets reign !

* When it comes to foreign policy, I see the UN as toothless and morally bankrupt. Some may call my a conservative hawk, a neocon or a RWDB. I define my views as simply; 1) Supporting democracies and liberalism in any conflict, and 2) Opposing fascist, theocratic and totalitarian movements wherever they exist.

This basically means I support the War on Terror, but not for the craven "realpolitik" reasons. I believe that the 20th century has taught the world that sometimes, aggressive anti-liberal ideologies can only be toppled with military force.

* When it comes to the environment and living standards in the third world, I believe science and economic progress has led, and will continue to lead to better outcomes. I am opposed to the manipulation and "junk science" used by green/peace/Greenpeace activists around the world .. i.e the scare tactics used in the depleted uranium myth and the genetically modified foods myth.


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