Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hello World

Ahh my first posting. I'm finally up and running.
A little bit about myself. I've been a frequent and frantic reader of blogs for 2 years, and have often thought that I could contribute to the blogosphere by posting on news, media, politics and culture.

The aim of this blog is to link to good articles and provide perspective especially where its needed. Some media outlets rigidly adhere to their one-sided and inflexible perspectives and filter out bits of news that don't fit in with their biases. As we approach election time, many of them spin political polls tremendously, with irresponsible statistical analysis and without letting the reader know what the margin of error is.

I'm a great admirer of the blogging medium. They empower anybody with a computer and internet connection to keep the media accountable and expose bad journalism, as is the case with Dan Rather and his forged documents.

No single blog is as comprehensive as a major newspaper or network. When it comes to sport or local news, blogs probably can't and won't compete. Besides, most editors don't have any real bias when it comes to reporting these issues. At least that is the case if you compare it to political news, where everybody has strong perspectives.

Even the largest media empires (NY Times, BBC, CBS) aren't professional enough to hide their bias, and dedicated bloggers like Andrew Sullivan are watching their every move.


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